African Languages and Linguistics” is a world forum for the study of languages and society, with a special focus on the languages in Africa. The journal brings together research from different traditions, publishing significant work  in English and French on the areas of phonology, morphology, syntax, lexis and semantics, sociolinguistics,  pragmatics, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, language acquisition, computational linguistics and variation and comparative studies.
The existing linguistics journals do not discuss all facets of language and linguistics and hardly refer to the particular linguistic situation in Africa, with its various dialects, its large linguistic communities and the recent developments of the languages in contact. “African Languages and Linguistics” invites scholars to submit articles on any area of linguistic science that is of relevance to the work of Modern Languages Departments.
The journal also includes book-reviews within a few months of books being published thereby informing researchers and assisting the decision-makers on new acquisitions for libraries or the adoption of books for courses.