Authors are asked to respect the following instructions.


-An abstract in English and in French is obligatory.

-Contributions should be in English, French and Arabic. Authors who are not writing in their native language should have their contribution carefully checked by a native speaker before submission.

-Manuscripts should be typed with wide margins (2,5 cm for left side and 2cm for right side; 2 cm for top and 2 cm for bottom of page ) including all quotes, notes and references.

-The font size of characters is 11 for the regular text and 10 for the notes and bibliography. The font size of characters for titles of sections is 11 (in bold), the title of the article will have the font size 14 (bold), the author’s name will have the font size 14 (in capital letters). The font to be used is Times New Roman.

-Manuscripts should be divided into sections, and subsections, with section headings, not numbers. All pages of the manuscript should carry the page number and the author’s last name.

-Book-Reviews are considered like articles; they should therefore have the same format as articles; the exact title and publication details of the book being reviewed must be given, as well as a short list of references on which the review is based.
Notes and references should appear at the end of the article.

-References should include only those texts referred to in the article and should conform to standard academic practice.
Emonds, J. (1985). Syntactic Categories. Dordrecht: Foris Publications.
Fishman, J. (1971). National Languages and Languages of Wider Communication. In Language Use and Social Change. W.H. Whiteley (ed.), 27-56.  Oxford: Oxford University Press.
           Hinton, L. (1997). Small languages and small language communities. In International  Journal of the Sociology of Language 123, 177-191.
                     Howell, R.W. (1967). Linguistic Choice as an Index of Social Change.   Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation. University of California, Berkeley.

-Concerning corrections, contributors are asked to check their manuscripts very carefully (using the spell-checker) before submitting them. Contributors will receive proofs for correction that must be returned by the deadlines set by the publication schedule.

-Finally, authors whose articles will be published by the journal should send a bibliographic blurb including their position, the name of the institution they are affiliated to and titles of their recent publications.